training and development Testimonials – To the point training and development

“Of all the seminars and workshops I have been to, this speaker used more relevant examples and useful (real) conversations. She answered questions effectively and with real-life situations about how she would handle it instead of simply repeating theory that is hard to apply without examples. She did a great job.”

Victoria S., Lab Manager; Kinston, NC

“This session exceeded my expectations. I’ve learned how to be more successful in my job by taking ownership and holding myself and my co-workers accountable. And I now know how to do that.” Elizabeth is an inspiring instructor.”

Keven F., Lead Engineer; Cincinnati, OH

“The seminar gave me very useful information on how to deal with difficult associates. I learned about empowering them to control their own direction in the company. Elizabeth showed me how to effectively deal with angry people and how to know when to move into problem solving mode — and then how to do that.”

Deborah T., Supervisor; Mason, OH

“This workshop gave me so much. Too many to capture! My main take-away: don’t leave this stuff at the office! Use it everywhere! Elizabeth Gold was great. I enjoyed her style and professionalism.”

Tom M., Failure Analyst IT; Florence, KY

“I learned ways to give a positive twist when addressing issues with employees. Got ideas on how to encourage employees through delegating, praise and involvement. Also got ideas on how to motivate teams toward an agreed-upon goal.”

Christi S., Loan Operations Supervisor; Kinston, NC

“This has helped me to learn how to communicate better and showed me ways to streamline my effectiveness. Elizabeth taught us how to identify the different personality types, how to better communicate with each one and how that will help me in the workplace.”

Derek W. Warehouse Supervisor; Lagrange, NC

“I learned to better communicate, how to be a more efficient listener, how to increase my self-confidence, how to be supportive and practical ways of handling negativity and difficult people. Also how to better deal with stress.”

Polly M. Customer Service Rep, New Purt, NC

“Very powerful and motivational speaker! Elizabeth really knows her stuff! It gave me more tools to better empower myself and my employees and how to be more of a coach.”

Millient D., Assistant Branch Manager, Farmington, NM

“I learned effective ways to deal with issues that arise while supervising others and in the work place in general. The leader was very knowledgeable about the subject matter and explained things very clearly.”

Erica T., Education Director

“It opened up ideas on how to more effectively communicate with my staff and how to deal with problems I’ve in the past not known how to handle. Wonderful interaction & presentation! Specific things I learned include the concept of delegation, which I will use to ease my workload and to motivate staff.”

William B., Club Director

“A wealth of useful info that I can incorporate into my job. Elizabeth was very knowledgeable and engaging. She is an awesome trainer.”

Paul L., Program Services; Cincinnati, OH